Business with Ecostic

Business with Ecostic



I'm glad to introduce Ecostic Wallcovers as a contemporary interior wall-covering solution.

We manufacture a polymeric film ( Patent - applied -) which is surface printed with variety of patterns and colours for application on interior walls instead of paints or wallpapers. Made with compounding conventional polymers and locally sourced minerals, Ecostic Wallcovers are very cost effective and can be utilised as general purpose wall-covering as well as for ascents in feature areas.

Our product is fully washable and as durable as paints. Infinite possiblities of designs and quick installation procedure makes Ecostic Wallcovers adaptable to all segments of Home Decor market globally.

Currently in Phase IV of our operations we are offering our direct services to end users as well as institutional clients in Ahmedabad, India. We are considering expansion into more markets but face issues in scaling up our operations and registering required volume for sustainable profits primarily due to inconsistent ecosystem (adhesives, application tools, etc) and organised sales channel for our products.

We would like to understand if your organisation with its range of products and interests in same industry can become an essential strategic partner in Ecostic's further attempts to make its products widely acceptable in both domestic as well as international markets.

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