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ecostic blogs: van gogh & norman borlaug

Van Gogh | Norman Borlaug

Van Gogh | Norman Borlaug


One made art reach to masses . One made masses possible. 

Vincent Van Gogh: An artist who died without ovation. But his omniscient colours did the clamouring when he devised them to life and will do so till masses keep discerning their interaction in awe. Biography Work
Norman Borlaug: A biologist whose contribution is arid to masses, while a new champagne colour in iPhone is evoking a million tweets. But nevertheless he bartered his assiduity with wheat saplings and made them multiply faster. Thus he made his trespassing to the earth worth a billion trespassers. Biography


P.S.: The image is an adapted version of 'Wheatfield' with Lark - by Vincent Van Gogh. 

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