Why - be -

Why - be -


be  |  是  |  Être  |  होना  |  Ser  |  يكون  |  Kuwa

One exists. Everything else, the maya, the chaos, the futility and its unwarranted child, 'hope' are mere prankish extensions of Existing. But to exist one has to breath, one has to look. Then one gets all neoteric - devises breathes and processed lights into thoughts. Thoughts insinuates a quest. Quest has to be followed by answers.  'Premeditated creation by a larger being with a larger purpose, with a divine plan' - becomes the answer.

An answer is howled  - 'Destiny' 'karma' 'Heaven' 'hell' - they proclaim with triumph. Pantheos are built with balonies where these proclamations dwell. Methods are developed, gestures are developed - join hands and sway them with fire, bow down - lick the floor, look up -  plead the sky, cut extra skins, make emblems - shove them in crevices of your body for body belongs to proclaimations.

Answer can be desperate and convenient. Answer can be incomplete and irrelevant. Answer can be anything and anything can be the answer. Even nothing can be the answer. But answer should not be the Answer that decides to not welcome validation. 

One says - these answers and these proclamations don't suffice. 

Coins and currencies are here and are quite popular. And one has a daunting task, answer it all, answer it all again. 

Mind mapping is done, evolutionary branches evolve and sacrifices are made. 'Science' is what is proclaimed. Science will answer how. 

But who'll answer why. Why this life - why this breaths and why this eyes - why this cry all the time to know why. 

What proclamations will suffice to  answer WHY - BE - . 

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