We commenced our commercial operations with one statement 'Let's fill in the blanks'.

We manufacture an ecological homogeneous material that is surface printed with patterns and colours. We conceptualise this blend of patterns and colours considering various art cultures to create designs that are distinctly familiar yet exquisite.


Ecostic pvt. ltd. started its independent operations after incorporating under Companies Act 1956 on 12/11/2011.

Project Ecostic, was commenced under the registration of its parent company Trufill Polymers in November 2009 with an innovative polymeric material (Patented -Applied-). After more than 1 year of research, planning and organising on 20th January 2011, first set of Ecostic Wallcovers were installed commercially at a luxury apartment in Ahmedabad, India.


Customised concepts and application service. Easily applicable on existing walls (painted). Dust free application will ensure the business routine is not affected.


Customised concepts reflecting organisations unique identity that can be easily replicated through all outlets. India wide assistance of application service and maintenance.




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Home Decor is an individual expression. We consider that fact as rule of thumb while creating our collections.

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At Ecostic we strive to blend global art cultures to create designs that are exquisite yet distinctly familiar.

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Instant Application

Its as durable as paints yet follows the installation process of wallpapers. In an instant rooms are ready to dwell.

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ZERO VOC | Does not pollute indoor air quality. NO PAPER | Does not require wood in any form for manufacturing.

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Non sticky surface of Ecostic Wallcovers does not encourage fungal or mold growth. It is pasted with Water based Odourless adhesives.

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Ecostic Wallcovers are compounded from exclusive polymers and minerals for full washability and high durability.

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