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Elemense - Where Something Begins

An element of identity. A sense of what is intimate. A point that causes everything. A place where something begins.
An expression that spreads everywhere. 
Pierre Noire_Mockup.jpg
Pierre Noire I
Pierre Noire IV_Small.jpg
Pierre Noire IV
De Noir_Mockup.jpg
De Noir
Marmar III_small.jpg
Marmar III
Pierre Noire II_Small.jpg
Pierre Noire II
Pierre Noire V_Small.jpg
Pierre Noire V
Marmar I
Marmar IV_Small.jpg
Marmar IV
Pierre Noire III_Small.jpg
Pierre Noire III
De Blanc_Mockup.jpg
De Blanc
Marmar II_small.jpg
Marmar II
De Noir 2_Mockup.jpg
De Noir II
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