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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Ecostic different from other wallpapers?

Conventional wallpapers are made of paper, poly vinyl chloride (PVC), or paper with non-woven PVC backing. Conventional wallpapers are susceptible to contraction and expansion due to moisture absorption, causing seams and layers to open up just a few months after application. The seams between 2 panels of Ecostic do not open up or wear out as it is made of a single homogenous layer of minerals and polyolefin compounds making them waterproof, weatherproof, and highly durable. No wood or paper pulp is required in the manufacturing of Ecostic.

What is the life of Ecostic?

Ecostic lasts at least 5 to 7 years of life in a typical interior environment.

Can I apply Ecostic on existing wall surfaces?

Ecostic Wallcovers can be directly applied on existing painted walls, plastered walls, gypsum walls, cement walls, plywood, and MDF sheet. Please ensure the wall surface is dent and crack-free, smooth, patched, and primed before application.

How does Ecostic perform in high moisture and damp environments?

Ecostic can withstand moisture and dampening due to the waterproof properties on both sides of the wall cover. It increases the life span of the plaster wall by hindering the oxidation of salty deposits (efflorescence).

Can I wash Ecostic Wallcovers?

Yes, Ecostic is 100% washable and can be cleaned with household cleaning agents. Please do not scrub the wall covers with harsh scrubbers. Do not use bleach or products made with bleach for cleaning.

Do I have to remove Ecostic design to apply a new Ecostic design on the wall?

A new Ecostic wallcover can be directly applied to an existing Ecostic wallcover, saving time and labor. Ecostic will need to be removed if applying paint or wallpaper.

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